What is Steganography? ||Steganography Meaning - AnonSagar

What is Steganography? ||Steganography Meaning - AnonSagar

Steganography is the technique of concealing data within another images,files ,messages or videos. It one of the famous way of binding secret data in another file secretly. So you guys must be thinking here how does this technique would be useful for us(for Cyber Security learner).So without wasting the time lets discuss it.

How Steganography is useful for hackers?

As always the ultimate goal of a hacker is to get an access to the victims data without getting knowing them. So they write some spy softwares , scripts or simply viruses which can gain access to the system of the victim. But the problem is that, why do their victims would install that type of softwares or scripts in their systems. so here, Steganography will be one of the the useful technique.Hackers can easily hide their payloads or spy scripts within an ordinary images,files or videos and send it to their victims.

How does it differ from Cryptography?


As we know that the cryptography is the process of securing data,information or communications through the use of secret codes so that only those person whom the information is intended can understand it and process it.In this computer age, it is used as like the encryption and decryption.For example:-A person encrypts and sends a message to his friend and his friend recievd it and understand it by decrypting the message.So here the technique used in this whole process can be called as Cryptography.

Even there is similar purpose of Steganography and Cryptography, the main difference is that instead of encrypting data like Cryptography, Steganography hides it from the all next users.

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