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How to hack facebook account using termux?

hack fb using termux

How To Hack Facebook Using Termux?
Is it possible to hack anyone’s Facebook account with termux?
Answer:- Yes, if they are using weaker passwords!
We can use Dark-FB Premium tool to hack anyone’s Facebook account.
Dark Premium Tool
This is the hacking tool available on GitHub. This tool helps us to hack a Facebook account by using brute-force attack with their own wordlist! Moreover, you can also use your own wordlist in it. This tool not only helps us to find the password, but it also helps us to use it as like Facebook bot that is automation for the post reactions and like that. It also retrieves the mobile numbers or emails of your friends from their Facebook account if they hadn’t made it private.
How to install it?
Open termux app in your android. If you haven’t already downloaded this app then just download it from playstore.
Now just type the following commands step by step:-
1. apt update && apt upgrade -y
2. pkg install python2
3. pkg install git
4. pip2 install mechanize urllib3 chardet ceritifi idna requests
5. pip2 install -r requirements.txt
6. git clone https://github.com/Makky2693/Dark-Premium
How to use it?
Now just enter below two commands:-
1. cd Dark-Premium
2. python2 Dark-Premium.py
Now it will ask you to login with your Facebook account and here we recommend you to use your fake Facebook account.
After you logged in. Boom!!! An attractive interface appears and just choose the option number and start to hack Facebook account or use any kinds of Facebook bots.
[Note:-We highly recommend you to not to use this tool more than one time because Facebook can checkpoint your account after feeling any suspicious activity from your account and after login may ask to confirm your identity. So to be safe please don’t use your personal or real accounts ]


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