How to know IP address of anyone?

How to know IP address of anyone?

In this tutorial , we are going to learn to know the ip address of anyone by just using a link. This aricle will be short in lnegth but a huge in the context of information. So the tool or website which we are going to talk about toady is allow its users to create a unique link and keep the record of ip adddress visiting the link,and the user can see the reocrds of it.So we can use this tool by creating an account and then sign in into it . After that we will generate the link there . Then after we will copy the link and share it to our target person and convince them to click . If the target person opens up the link , then we can know their IP from show record section of fetchIP.

This tool is so simple to use and I am all sure that you guys can do it so easily.
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