What is Web Scrapping?

What is Web Scrapping?
What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the process or technique of extracting data or information from a website.The scraped or extracted data is collected and then exported into the human user friendly format.

Is Web scraping legal?

To be honest, it depends upon the type of website. If the information or data is available publicly, then there should not be any restrictions for scraping it unless the website owner prohibits the practice of web scraping.

But on the other hand, if the data of the website is available only for a limited number of people or for a limited period of time then most probably scraping those websites without permission can be illegal.

Ways of web scraping

Web scraping can be done both by manual and automation tools. In manual it takes a lot of time and effort to scrape the data from a website, because here we are scraping data using the manual copy paste.
On other hand, using automation tools save a lots of time and effort. Huge amount of data of any website can be scrapred within few seconds with the help of such tools.

We can use built on tools or even we can write our own scripts or programs to scrape of a website. Python is the most preferred language for web scraping. Using frameworks like BeautifulSoup and Selenium of python, we can easily make our own web scrappping tools according to our needs.

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