IDN Homography Attack

IDN Homography Attack
IDN Homograph attack is a spoof URL or like advance form of phishing attack where IDN stands for International Domain Name.It decieve
users by using a new domain name that’s similar to an established name, although they exploit different types of similarities.
How Does It Work?
This method work by manipulating the machine language or programming language by using different type of characteristic in URL area.
For Example:
Our Original URL

IDN Homograph URL
Now look above, both URL are very similar to each other but there is slightly difference in the character "A". Sometimes the difference
in character can be so unnoticeable.
How Is It Useful For Hackers?
Hackers use this method to steal the credentials such as login information ,personal details and debit/credit card information by
registering the little bit different character of domain name which looks like as same as original domain name and as the victim got
decieve and enter their credentials on HomoGraph link, the information will be forwarded to hackers.
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